I was given my first computer in 1982, a ZX Spectrum with 48K of RAM, no hard disk, no floppy disk, not even a screen. I started by writing my own programs, games mostly, and I have never looked back. After more than three decades I have lost count of how many computers I have built, maintained, repaired, tinkered with, worked with or played with. From the lowly ZX Spectrum to the cluster of powerful servers that run the first Domino’s Pizza UK website. I am in awe of technology and the wonderful things that it can do to make our lives a little better, a little easier, and I am still inspired by it. My latest acquisition? A Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to run my Plex media system.

Outside of work I’m pretty low tech. Gardening, reading and yoga are my past times of choice. Anything that does not require plugging in, switching on or rebooting!