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Small business IT Support: What are the options?

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Small and medium sized businesses deserve enterprise-grade support too, don’t they? The work you do is just as important, and your data is just as vital to the workings of your business. If you’re a small to medium business that needs IT support, it’s imperative that you find a solution that you can trust, from a service that understands your requirements inside and out. If you are looking for IT solutions in Doncaster, or in any other area, always make sure you conduct thorough research first before choosing.

The benefits of outsourcing your IT Support

Hiring a permanent member of IT support is expensive. On top of space, equipment and training, it costs around 35,000 to 45,000 on average to hire a permanent IT support specialist in London. Outsourcing your small business IT support means you can pay as you go for projects or issues that arise, or pay a smaller monthly fee for constant support as and when you need it. Outsourcing it support consulting for your small business is also beneficial due to the level of expertise you’ll get access to. Whereas hiring a team is an expensive and time consuming process, you just might not have the resources available to support IT experts across the board. Many companies can help with this process and offer global PEO solutions to help to guide companies in the right direction and improve their business outcomes. That’s why outsourcing your IT support is the right choice for your small business; you’ll get access to experts in a huge variety of areas, meaning you don’t have to limit your business’s capabilities and can give your employees access to solutions that allow them to work faster, smarter and in a more secure way.

Benefits of Remote IT Support

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate, and small business IT support no longer needs to be in your physical office to be beneficial to your business. With remote IT support, you can contact experts quickly and easily, through Skype, email, phone and remote access to your IT systems. This allows you to access IT specialists across the country, compared to a potentially limited selection of people within your immediate area. Remote IT support can also be extremely cost effective for your business. You’ll no longer have to rely on the prices of your closest provider as you’ll be opened up to a much larger range of IT support specialists. This means you can compare costs and choose a solution that’s perfect for your small business, no matter where you are in the world.

Benefits of Local IT Support

While remote IT support has its benefits, local IT support is still an ideal solution for many businesses as face-to-face meetings are still a favoured method of communications, especially when talking about topics people may find complicated. Local IT support services allows you to potentially visit the premises of the outsourced IT support company, meeting the staff face to face and getting a more hands-on approach to understanding IT support infrastructure. Local IT support means that the IT support technicians can visit your office in person to discuss issues and any requirements you may have. This could be very beneficial to your team as they may find it easier to explain these requirements face-to-face. It also means you could get a faster response to your enquiry.

The Benefits of IT in Business

Using IT support services is not the only thing that can help to benefit businesses, there are other technological methods that could be used to aid in business growth. These are things like e-sourcing, which is used to efficiently find suppliers and collect information about these suppliers, amongst other things. The benefits of using e-sourcing could help you to reduce the costs in your business and save more time, so you can focus on other things. Using companies like TradeBeyond have made this easier by utilising an e-sourcing app along with assisting in a long-term business plan, which could see you meeting your goals in a hopefully shorter period of time.

In Conclusion

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel you can outsource your small business’s IT support services. If you’re struggling to find the resources in house, looking for a more cost-effective option, or want access to a range of experts across different IT support areas, outsourcing your IT support is likely to be ideal for you. There are many ways you can outsource your IT support services, whether that’s through allowing a trusted company remote access to your systems, or opting for a local business with the capability to visit your offices at the drop of a hat. At Infologic, we offer cost-effective managed IT support solutions, which are especially useful for small businesses. A modern computer system should be reliable, flexible and help make your business more efficient. For this reason, it is essential that you entrust the support of your network to a managed IT solution. As a family-run IT support company, we can tailor the services we provide to suit your needs so that you can access our experienced team the way that makes sense to your business, however big or small you may be. From pay as you go, fixed fee remote business IT support to a fully managed service including 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance and proactive planning of long-term IT strategies, we’ll recommend a solution to your business that is right for you. Contact one of the team at Infologic now on 0300 400 4000 or for a free, no obligation IT assessment and to find out how our small business IT support services at Infologic can make a difference to your business.