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What Is Cloud Computing?

These days, it seems like everything is happening “in the cloud”, but what exactly is it? Put simply, cloud computing is a way of delivering computing services, such as data storage, software solutions or even an entire computer system, over the internet.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing works by offering business applications and services that have been specifically designed to be accessed across the internet, from anywhere and on any device.

Cloud computing means that your files, application, and services can be accessed remotely so you don’t need to be physically connected to a server or storage device in order to access the things you need. All you require is an internet connection and login credentials.

Does My Business Need Cloud Computing?

To have the best chances at success, your business needs to stay ahead of trends and changes. Many businesses are shifting from office-based work to working on the move, and cloud computing can help your company offer a more flexible solution to accessing important files and applications.

Cloud computing solutions can be extremely quick and simple to set up, with many options allowing you to sign up and use the services instantly. Implementing cloud computing can also prove more cost-effective to your company, allowing you to pay a recurring monthly or annual fee, transforming a significant capital expenditure into a predictable operational expense.

Cloud computing is also extremely flexible because you can increase or decrease the resources you use as your needs change over time. That means you pay only for what you need, and you never have to worry about running out of capacity.

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