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What Is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT support is a solution that combines unlimited IT support, for a fixed monthly fee, with the proactive monitoring of an IT system. Managed IT support is outsourced to a Managed Service Provider who will work with you to ensure that not only is your IT system running smoothly and effectively but you are getting the maximum benefit from your IT system. Although Managed IT support is an outsourced service, with the MSP taking care of the day-to-day maintenance, the relationship with you is a collaborative one.

Why do I need Managed IT Support

Managed IT support gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that would prove invaluable to any small and medium-sized business. The Managed Service Provider is responsible for maintaining and updating your system, and for proactively monitoring your system, anticipating problems or threats before they occur, automatically applying fixes, when available, and responding to those issues that require manual intervention, quickly and efficiently, keeping your IT system working as it should. This piece of mind comes at a predictable monthly cost.

Why Choose Infologic?

At Infologic, we are committed to delivering a high-quality service that is friendly and reliable, but most of all, valuable to the productivity and success of your business. Our Managed IT support services gives you access to a team of experts, on hand to answer your questions or resolve your IT issues, quickly and effectively. Plus, a suite of tools to deliver round-the-clock monitoring and management, keeping your systems running, your staff productive and your business growing.

It is not just about the support. We add real value by offering impartial advice and guidance, cutting through the jargon and taking the time to speak clearly. We deal with the hardware and software vendors on your behalf, ensuring you only have to make one call for all your IT support.

Infologic has over 25 years’ experience delivering IT support services to SMBs across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. Our ethos of developing long-term relationships with our clients means that we are ideally placed to work with you to develop a long-term strategic IT plan that is aligned with your business goals. No matter the size of your business, your priorities or your capabilities, we have the flexibility to offer a bespoke Managed IT support solution that is tailored to your needs.

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